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Soaplandia Questions and Answers

Is Soaplandia's soap natural?

Yes, Soaplandia's herbal soap is made with natural plant based ingredients. We do not add synthetic fragrances, colorants, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes, SLS, parabens or any other yucky ingredients.

Is Soaplandia's soap organic?

Yes, our soap-makers produce soaps with a minimum of 85% organic ingredients (it is impossible to produce 100% organic soap due to soap making process and its chemistry). Soaplandia's soaps have organic certification under the USDA's National Organic Program.

Is Soaplandia's soap vegan?

Yes, all Soaplandia bar soaps are vegan. However our shampoo bars are not. Please refer to ingredients paragraph on product pages.

Where does Soaplandia's soap come from?

Soaplandia's soaps are made in USA and come from independent soap-makers located across the country, dedicated to producing the best herbal soap possible. Soaplandia's soaps are handmade, but not homemade. Our soap-makers work in small warehouses equipped for herbal soap-making. If you are a soap-maker and would like to sell your soap to Soaplandia, please contact us.

Do Soaplandia's soaps contain lye? 

No. The end product does not contain any lye. Our soaps are made with lye, but when you saponify lye, water and fats (oils) - concoction turns into soap. 

Do Soaplandia's soaps contain glycerin?

Yes. Our soaps contain natural glycerin that is being produced during saponification process. It is the chemical reaction between lye, water and fats that create soap. Glycerin is the natural by product of this chemical reaction.

Do Soaplandia's soaps contain SLS?

No. Our soaps are 'cold processed soaps', naturally very balanced with great lather quality, because we use lye to convert vegetable oil to soap. SLS (Sodium Layryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Soulfate) is irritant to human skin foaming agent derived from coconut oil and used to produce brake fluid, antifreeze, shampoos, bubble bath, toothpaste and body soap.

Does Soaplandia use colorants?

No. We use natural herbs to color our soaps.

Can I use Soaplandia's soap if I have sensitive skin?

Yes. Because there are no artificial ingredients in our soaps, there is nothing in the soap that would normally trigger increased sensitivity. Our soap is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. We recommend getting samples to find your favorite bar. 

How do I care and store Soaplandia's soap at home? 

Storing soap: It is best to store soaps in a cool, dry place. Natural soaps like to breathe, so don't lock them up in anything plastic/sealed. Avoid direct sunlight if you're trying to prolong the life of the bar.
Using soap: It is best to use Soaplandia's soap within six months of purchase to enjoy the benefits as they are meant to be enjoyed. If left in water good natural handmade soap tends to dissolve. To ensure the longest life of the bar store soap out of water, on a draining soap dish or stand, so that it air dries.

We love everything about natural soap! Behind our soap collection are the american soap makers who dedicate their lives to producing the best possible natural product with little impact on the Planet. Please, try these soaps, feel the love and share it with others! By using these soaps you are supporting our economy and american soap makers!
P.S. Soaplandia itself is a family company operating from Seattle WA. We're easy. Have a question? Just ask :)

If you experience any difficulties with our website please contact us! We will happily include some freebies with your order for your troubles.