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  1. Grandma’s Pure Foot Scrubber

    Grandma’s Pure Foot Scrubber

    Naturally exfoliating loofah with pure olive oil soap. Just add water and scrub dead skin off your feet away! Extremely gentle.

    Rustic looking basic foot scrubber just like the ones they used back in the day. Less is more!

    Ingredients: natural loofah, saponified olive oil, love.
  2. Silk Cocoons

    Silk Cocoons

    Put these on your fingertips and scrub away all the imperfections gently.

    6 Cocoons for your fingertips.

    How to use:
    Soak 1 or 2 cocoons in hot water for a few minutes to soften. Then put them on to your fingertips and massage your face.
  3. Soap Pouch + Soap Shreds

    Soap Pouch + Soap Shreds

    Best seller! 2 large bars worth of natural soap goodness! Use it as body scrubber or air freshener.

    Less waste is better for the environment. To save money and to help us leave no waste, please purchase these natural soap pouches filled with 9.5-10 oz of soap odds and ends! To use it as body scrubber just add water! Or use it as natural air freshener in your car or linen closet.

    Regular Price: $8.00

    Special Price $5.00

  4. Soap Pouch, Traditional

    Soap Pouch, Traditional

    Saves soap! Just add your favorite bar of soap (or soap left-overs) inside the pouch and use it as body scrubber.

    Do you rub soap on your body when washing yourself? If yes, you might like to give this soap pouch a try. This all-natural soap pouch is made of Ramie fabric - very popular eco-friendly material. Just add your favorite bar of soap (or soap scraps) inside the pouch, add water and use it as shower scrubby.
  5. Soap Shreds for Soap Pouch (1/2 lb Refill)

    Soap Shreds for Soap Pouch (1/2 lb Refill)

    Got our pouch? Get refills!

    Weight: 8oz (equivalent of approx. 2 soap bars).

    Refills contain mixed variety of natural and natural organic soap shreds. Stock up and save!
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5 Item(s)

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